A Day in the Life: Winter 2019-2020

“A Day in the Life” started in November 2019, when our family decided to make a series of one-minute videos, each showing one day of activities that we’re involved in, here on the farm or in the surrounding community. We hope you enjoy watching this collection of our “A Day in the Life” videos from the winter of 2019-2020, and that you’ll come visit and be part of what we do, when opportunity allows!

The Escobar family makes pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving…but will all their plans go awry when the electricity goes out while the bread is still in the oven?

The Escobars are exhibiting at the Spotlight Theater Vendor Fair, raising funds and awareness for their youth folk dance group, the Berea Festival Dancers
The Escobars are preparing for their annual Christmas Open House. Will they have enough goodies?
Jennifer Rose Escobar shares her Grandma Gertrude Ramsay’s recipe for cream puffs
The Escobars participate in Christmas Country Dance School at Berea College
All hands on deck for finishing the inside of “The Roosts” at Happiness Hills Farm, with a hearty breakfast to get them going
Jennifer and the girls spend Mondays with Jennifer’s parents, visiting with them and seeing that their needs are met.
The Escobars experiment with fairy hair, and end the day exploring some of the out-of-the-way Mexican food options in Lexington, KY
Jennifer’s siblings celebrate three milestone birthdays (including Jennifer’s 50th!) with food, hilarity, and a family photo
The Escobars help produce the Berea Festival Dancers Valentine Ball, this year with a Grimm’s Fairy Tales theme
It’s Jennifer’s 50th birthday party, with lots of laughing, singing and dancing – a perfect reflection of who she is
Bri’s Chapel is delivered to Happiness Hills Farm

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