JAIL Break – July 2

Ready for Day 2 of our July Journey!

JAIL stands for Jennifer, Alfredo, Isabel and Lydia. A few years ago we were inspired to create a video series about real people doing real things that they care about. We’ve been brainstorming and filming for a while, and now we”re kicking off our series with a video diary of our lives in July, 2015, when we decided to intentionally do a few things as a family: take more walks, eat more meals at home, and wake up earlier than we normally would in the mid-summer. In the video introduction, we state that we’re “pretty normal,” which is true in many ways, and not true in many other ways. We live a little differently from the norm because Jennifer is a recording artist and dancer, Alfredo is a professional artist, and the girls are very artsy as well. We perform together onstage and in a couple different groups, and we work with arts education programs around Kentucky and the USA. Alfredo owns Good Impressions, a screenprinting and design shop in Berea, KY, and Jennifer owns Happiness Hills Farm, a retreat center and farm in the Red Lick Valley, where we live. We’re a lot like everyone else, though, in that we often feel stressed about work, we eat on-the-go more than we want to, we don’t spend as much leisure time together as we know we ought to, and we often don’t get enough sleep. Every Sunday evening we’ll release another day of our July Journey, where we tried to deal intentionally with some of those challenges. We were successful in some things, and not terribly successful in others, but we’re glad we tried!


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