The Great Pause: Week 8

The shutdown is seeming to go on forever, and I am very tired of being told what I may and may not do. It just feels wrong to me. I choose to live in victory over fear. I’m not going to be stupid or arrogant, but I’m not going to cower.
* * *
The first of the log cabins is arriving today! So exciting!!

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from May 1-7, 2020
Day 50 of the Great Pause: It’s May Day and the Escobars’ thoughts turn to Maypoles and Morris dancing…and to finishing up the strawberry layer cakes.
Day 51 of the Great Pause: Kentuckians and horse enthusiasts around the world are mourning the absence of Derby Day today, but the Escobars dress up and celebrate it anyway, with music and food.
Day 52 of the Great Pause: It’s a day for lawncare and more prep on the cabin foundations at Happiness Hills, along with FB Live antics and a dinner with the whole Happiness Hills Family
Day 53 of the Great Pause: The Escobar girls participate in Crazy Hair Day for Spirit Week by doing a FB Live recreation of some characters they played years ago for Vacation Bible School. Then it’s back to a normal look to plant annuals at the farm and the grandparents’ house.
Day 54 of the Great Pause: It’s Cinco de Mayo at Cerro Alegre, and also Silly Sock Day for Spirit Week, and also a good day for some quarantine face mask spa treatments at home
Day 55 of the Great Pause: It’s Costume Day for Spirit Week, and the Escobar Girls are all in! Vandalf comes home after some repairs to the air conditioning system, and turkeys are sighted on the farm.
Day 56 of the Great Pause: The first cabin arrives at Happiness Hills on a truck, it’s crazy make-up day for Spirit Week, and the day ends with a picnic in the upper field

2 thoughts on “The Great Pause: Week 8

  1. I’m disappointed in your words about the pandemic. It’s not living in fear, but with caution out of love for those around us, both in our families and our communities. We both have high risk people in our families who we’d like to have around for as much more time as God grants us, and this virus is trying to shorten that time. I already know too many people who have lost the chance to spend more time with their parents, siblings, or spouses because of this, and that breaks my heart. Please don’t be irresponsible because you got bored. Continue setting a good example and having faith that we’re doing the right thing so we can all be together when this is over.


    • Thank you for your concern. I’m trying to be honest and transparent in my feelings, because I know that helps others not feel so alone in theirs, especially if they share any part of the emotion. Your assumption that we’re being irresponsible because we got bored is pretty presumptive and rather offensive. Have you seen the rest of our videos? We’re certainly not bored, and we do our best not to be irresponsible. On the contrary, we’re responsible for a great many things that we take very seriously, including the care of my elderly parents, both of whom are at risk. It is the inconsistencies in the messages we get from state and federal sources, the harsh and judgmental comments of people on social media, and the continued atmosphere of fear and separation that feel wrong to us. Those are the things we refuse to live in fear of.


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