The Great Pause: Week 4

We continue with our Facebook Live broadcasts each day at 2pm, hoping to bring light, beauty, and joy to those who watch. We’ve developed a regular audience, and it’s really nice to see who tunes in, and who comments later.

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from April 3-9, 2020
Day 22 of the Great Pause: Alfredo installs new signs for all the buildings at Happiness Hills, Jennifer shovels wood chips into the new raised beds, and the family enjoys a late-night campfire
Day 23 of the Great Pause: it’s Pajama Day at Cerro Alegre! There’s granola to be made, outdoor work to be done, vegetable soup to be eaten, and silliness to be enjoyed
Day 24 of the Great pause: the Escobars celebrate Palm Sunday with a walk, time in the hammocks and a pancake supper
Day 25 of the Great Pause: the Escobars start their day by making beignets, then head outside to shovel more wood ships and sing animal songs for Facebook Live. Of course they end their day by drawing faces on their chins and giving an outro!
Day 26 of the Great pause: Cabin Fever has set in, and a drive in the Kentucky countryside is the only cure. The raised beds are filled with dirt, and the girls spend the evening embroidering on cloth napkins since paper ones are hard to find right now
Day 27 of the Great Pause: Spring is in full bloom at Happiness Hills, and block arrives for the new cabins
Day 28 of the Great Pause: The Escobars sing some seafaring songs after enjoying Long John Silver’s carry-out for lunch, there’s sourdough bread in the oven, and Jennifer has a board meeting on Zoom

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