The Great Pause: Week 7

Things have gone a little better the past couple of days, and I think part of the reason is that I have purposefully ignored the news and most media/article sharing. I’m not all one or the other in this situation, and the bickering wears me out.
It all seems so random…real estate agents can show houses and sell properties, but the courthouse is closed, so no vehicle transfers or drivers licenses can be issued. It really makes no sense.
Today we met with a group of BC students who will hopefully be living in the Martin House this summer…is this boot camp for a folk school?

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from April 24-30, 2020
Day 43 of the Great Pause: Jennifer makes granola in the morning and the girls make pizza in the evening, in an enclosed space where creativity and cabin fever abound
Day 44 of the Great Pause: The Escobars celebrate Christmas in April on FB Live; run errands for the grandparents; enjoy hummingbird sightings; and make buttermilk biscuits
Day 45 of the Great Pause: The hummingbirds have arrived at the feeder and that calls for a celebration! A 7-Up cake is delivered to Lydia, masks made by a lovely friend in California are delivered to the family, Isabel makes a tasty chicken casserole, and the girls experiment with Alfredo’s quarantine hair.
Day 45 of the Great Pause: After a day of planting and weeding in the gardens and singing songs on FB Live, the Escobars get some carry-out from two of their favorite local restaurants.
Day 47 of the Great Pause: It’s too cold for the end of April, and the Escobars make plans that involve indoor activities, including a trip to Costco for repairs to Grandpa’s hearing aid. Alfredo ventures outside to put the finishing touches on the first cabin foundation.
Day 48 of the Great Pause: At last – a visit to the chiropractor! Feeling much better, the girls put on a grand birthday celebration for Alfredo, complete with waffles and fruit compote for lunch and a full-service movie experience in the media room…punctuated by a quick and exhilarating run in the rain.
Day 49 of the Great Pause: It’s bread day again at Cerro Alegre, and Isabel starts a strawberry layer cake to share with Grandma. As usual, there are also FB Live antics, and the day ends with the family uncovering some interesting old photos.

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