The Great Pause: Week 2

Normally we would be at Mom and Dad’s today, helping them do their “normal” things. But nothing is normal these days. Last night, Governor Beshear announced a forced closure of all “non-essential” businesses.
People are angry, afraid, desperate, depressed, and everything in between.
It is so WEIRD to be in the USA and not be able to find basic items in the stores. I know from travels that other places don’t enjoy the same abundance we’re used to here, but it’s so strange to be seeing it every day at home.

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from March 20-26, 2020
Day 8 of the Great Pause: Signs of spring are everywhere! It’s a good day for the Escobars to balance work with some play, and for Jennifer to chat with her siblings on Zoom.
Day 9 of the Great Pause: It’s a busy day for the Escobars! There are holes to dig and bushes to plant, a desk to refinish, and a train to catch on Facebook Live!
Day 10 of the Great Pause: The Happiness Hills bell joins other bells tolling in memory of lives lost, errands in town allow for a tour of “Keep Calm and Carry Out” signs, and a 7-Up cake goes badly
Day 11 of the Great Pause: it’s a sleepy day, but the Escobars get moving to do a grocery run for the grandparents, move some furniture, and teach Rodney the fun of eating spray whipping cream
Day 12 of the Great Pause: It’s laundry day for Jennifer, Alfredo works on the Harmony Center floor before making chili mac for supper, and Ralph is a surprise guest on the Facebook live sing-along
Day 13 of the Great Pause: Alfredo finishes moving his screenprinting business to Harmony Center, Jennifer discovers sprouts in her bedding plant flats, and the grandparents are visited by a home health nurse
Day 14 of the Great Pause (it’s mislabeled as #13): The Escobars make sourdough bread, clean up the flowerbeds, and spend some time in the hammocks

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