The Great Pause: Week 1

The situation is still surreal. I was at the heart clinic with Dad on March 6th when we heard that the first case in Kentucky was confirmed. On March 10th Berea College notified students and staff that campus would close on the following Friday…
No graduation. No Mountain Folk Festival. No HHE Danes.
Kentucky public schools cancelled classes and all activities as of March 13th, hoping to reopen March 30, but so far there is no talk of that being a reality.
To keep ourselves sane, and to try to contribute to the peace and sanity of our wider community, we’ve started doing a daily Facebook Live broadcast, where we share a few songs, stories, art, or whatever.

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from March 13-21, 2020
Day 1 of the Great Pause: The Escobars prepare for a possible shutdown, and Rodney moves into the Martin House following the closure of Berea College’s campus
Day 2 of the Great Pause: the Escobars help get the grandparents prepared for a possible shutdown, and end the day with friends around the grill
Day 3 of the Great Pause: The Escobars host final gatherings with the small groups they usually hang around, including their middle- and high-school dance group
Day 4 of the Great Pause: The Escobars make progress on the new cabins at Happiness Hills, there are homemade sourdough pancakes, and time spent helping the grandparents
Day 5 of the Great Pause: The Escobars live life and celebrate St Patrick’s Day during Social Distancing
Day 6 of the Great Pause: Jennifer chooses to be grateful in the midst of chaos and uncertainty
Day 7 of the Great Pause: it’s a rainy day, which is great for indoor activities like making sourdough bread and having fun with facemasks for the whole family

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