The Great Pause: Week 5

Easter Sunday – a day of hope and renewal and reassurance…and also confusion and unanswered questions.
These are dark days, and my heart is weary…
The girls are handling their isolation very well, considering all that they’re missing, but their spirits are low…
I’m running out of ideas for what to cook…
It SNOWED this morning…I brought the plants in…I am so ready for actual spring!
This is turning into a marathon. I never expected a sprint, which is why I stocked the freezer…but that was 35 days ago.

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from April 10-16, 2020
Day 29 of the Great Pause: Work in the basement has uncovered some boxes full of Jennifer’s old schoolwork, as well as a large collection of bias tape, which the family helps to organize for donation to a local lady making masks
Day 30 of the Great Pause: a drain is dug at Gate House, Jennifer’s dad appears via Zoom for a reading of his play, and Jennifer shares some Holy Saturday thoughts
Day 31 of the Great Pause: the Escobars prepare pumpkin bread and muffins for an Easter Tea Party Facebook Live event, and end the day with some crazy advice from Lydia and Isabel
Day 32 of the Great Pause: the cabins get a block perimeter, Lydia does Jennifer’s hair and makeup, it’s time for a grocery run for both households, and Jennifer makes a good Southern supper
Day 33 of the Great Pause: it’s snowing! Isabel takes a turn with Jennifer’s makeup, Lydia does a hilarious hoodie trick, and there’s steak for dinner, followed by a little Wii time
Day 34 of the Great Pause: the Escobars deliver a “Keep Calm” sign to a coffee shop in Lancaster, KY before coming home in time to do a very silly Facebook Live, mow the lawns, and celebrate Coco’s 2nd birthday
Day 35 of the Great Pause: it’s baking day at Cerro Alegre, with sourdough bread in the afternoon and Chilean empanadas in the evening…and a foot-themed video chat before bed

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