The Great Pause: Week 6

Yesterday and today I have felt very depressed. It is demoralizing to be unable to make any plans, and then to read all over any media that any frustration is equal to a violent disregard for human life.
I am so grieved at the frantic blaming and hateful condescension all over the place…

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from April 17-23, 2020
Day 36 of the Great Pause: peppers, tomatoes and beans are planted and protected from marauding cats, Coco is groomed, there’s a roast for dinner, and the girls have a great time dancing around the great room for Facebook Live, Family Dance style
Day 37 of the Great Pause: breakfast casserole, annoyance from Alfredo, hymns and harmonies on FB Live, a board game, and brining a turkey
Day 38 of the Great Pause: oops – slept in until 11am, sourdough pancakes for brunch, Thanksgiving in April, patriotic USA and KY songs on FB Live
Day 39 of the Great Pause: discovering the darker side of Mother Goose, making a grocery run, and enjoying a dinner prepared by Rodney
Day 40 of the Great Pause: a visit to a local greenhouse, Zooming with colleagues, a very folksy FB Live, mowing (again!) and Lydia resorts to washable marker tatoos to combat boredom
Day 41 of the Great Pause: a day to plat flowers, after a bit of exercise sabotaged by the dogs, then a delivery to the grandparents, a little ukulele on FB Live, and dinner on the grill
Day 42 of the Great Pause: a trip to Meijer, whipped cream on a strawberry, a rainy day needs flatbread, and a FB Live with the Devil

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