The Great Pause: Week 9 (Series Finale)

It has rained all day and the forecast is for sub-freezing temperatures tonight. ARGH! As if there wasn’t enough to worry about…I’m trying to roll with the punches, but it’s really hard on days like this.
We’ve decided to do our Facebook Lives twice a week now, rather than every day, as the economy opens back up…I’m hoping it was the right decision.
The WorshipWalk was great…our first of what I hope will be many.

Jennifer’s journal, excerpts from May 8-13, 2020
Day 57 of the Great Pause: It’s Backwards Day for Spirit Week, so the FB Live for the day is full of attempts to sing backwards! At dusk it’s all hands on deck to cover the plants in anticipation of a late spring freeze.
Day 58 of the Great Pause: It’s a peaceful day for recycling, singing, eating cupcakes, watching birds, singing pretty songs, and enjoying expressions of family love
Day 59 of the Great Pause: Mother’s Day Escobar style includes a homemade breakfast on the balcony, a WorshipWalk, and a Boone Tavern brunch, followed by experimenting with homemade cinnamon rolls; and helping facilitate a Zoom convo from across the world
Day 60 of the Great Pause: The Escobars’ final daily video consists of a comedy of outtakes – enjoy!

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