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Events associated with weddings come with specific expectations and needs. We have designed our wedding package based on several years’ experience with weddings here at Happiness Hills, and we are satisfied that the package is what works best for both us and our guests. A wedding at Happiness Hills can be a very lovely and fun occasion, and we look forward to participating in such an important part of life! Read on to find out what’s included in our wedding package, and what’s not included. Of course you’re welcome to call us and schedule an appointment to walk through the spaces and talk about how they might best fit your specific needs.

WEDDINGS AND/OR WEDDING RECEPTIONS:  $3,000 plus $200 security deposit
Our basic wedding rate includes all facilities and grounds for three days, including up to 3 nights’ lodging, and parking for up to 75 vehicles.
When booking Happiness Hills for a wedding, you have access to all the facilities:

  • The Grounds: the lawns on the Retreat Center campus, along with the deck, bridge and creek, and Event Parking area
  • The Barn: Seating / gathering areas + kitchen area (sinks, microwave)
  • Gate House: 1 queen bed + queen sofa bed + twin sofa bed; efficiency kitchen; 1 bathroom with shower
  • Hill House Ground Floor: full kitchen; 2 bathrooms with showers; conference/living/dining area
  • Hill House Second Floor: 2 bedrooms with 1 queen bed in each + 1 queen sofa bed ; full kitchen; 1 bathroom with shower; living room; dining area
  • Hill House Third Floor (“The Edisto Room”): 6 single beds; 1 bathroom with shower

A wedding is a major event and involves the whole retreat center for 3 days.  No other use of the center is scheduled during that time.  Lodging is included for the number of nights in the charge whether or not lodging is used.  Beyond the three nights included in the above fees regular lodging rates would apply.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Two or three parking attendants for the event, to help people find parking spaces in our Event Parking area
  • Up to three custom event signs, with your names on them
  • Lawns and parking area will be mowed and trimmed two or three days prior (weather permitting)
  • The Barn has 8 six-foot folding tables available, and there are about 50 folding chairs of various types onsite, FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. Additionally, there are three round breakfast tables with matching chairs in the barn loft areas, and four picnic tables with benches, which may be used indoors or outdoors (not to be left outdoors overnight or in the rain).

We do NOT provide

  • Decorations – our space is all Do-it-Yourself. We’re amazed at the beautiful ideas people come up with for weddings here.
  • Custodial Services – we’ll make sure the areas start out as clean as possible (remember, one area is a barn, so there’s a limit to how clean it’s going to be), and you’re responsible for keeping them that way.
  • Equipment such as ladders, etc. – our liability insurance doesn’t extend that far. We’re allowed to use our equipment, and you’re allowed to use yours. We do not allow decorations in the Barn above the first layer of rafters, and we do not allow guests to drive nails or make other holes in the barn wood.
  • Sound system or lighting equipment
  • Catering, food service, or serving equipment
  • Set-up Services – please plan to bring help with you to set up the tables, chairs, etc. the way you want them.

About Alcohol: We allow LIGHT USE OF ALCOHOL on the property, in accordance with our STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. Liability incurred as a result of any alcohol consumption rests with the renter. WE DO NOT HAVE A LIQUOR LICENSE, THEREFORE NO CHARGE CAN BE MADE FOR ALCOHOL SERVED ON THE PREMISES.

About Deposits:  A $200 security deposit is required to confirm a reservation. It will be returned by check from us after the event closes unless special cleaning is needed or other costs are incurred due to the rental.  

About Taxes:  Taxes will be added as required (KY sales tax 6% and transient tax 1%).

Local Service Providers:  Need advice about flowers, seating, music, catering, or anything else associated with a large event? Here’s our downloadable list of providers we know and can recommend: HHF Event Planning Guide