Folk School Sessions

Many folk schools in North America and abroad focus on crafts, the arts, sustainable energy, and farm-to-table, but the possibilities are actually endless for what people can learn by this method. It is, in our opinion, what our fractured society so desperately needs right now. We’re starting with the things we can easily lead, along with some close friends, but we intend to begin offering many more sessions in various areas as soon as we feel it’s the right time. If you’re interested in participating in any specific subject, please let us know, and if you’re interested in leading a session, let us know about that also! Future sessions will likely include: Forestry & Faith; Dance; Blacksmithing; Woodworking; Basic Mechanics; Gardening; Singing; Stonework; Quilting.


Participants of any age receive instruction and inspiration in violin/fiddle, banjo, mandolin or Appalachian dulcimer, once each week.
$210 per participant, per 6-week session
Family members registering for the same 6-week session get a 10% discount!


Group sessions for up to 10 people with local artist (and sarcasm expert), Alfredo Escobar… who also happens to live and work at Happiness Hills. Participants will use acrylic paint to illustrate part of their life story, interacting with each other to discover what each story has in common with others’, culminating in a work of art that is both individual and collective.
$50 per participant, per 3-hour session (all art supplies are included)
Groups booking this session can specify a charitable organization which will receive a donation from Happiness Hills of $5/participant after the session


Participants 18 years and older experience learning in community through a 10-week residential experience at Happiness Hills. See our Learning for Life page for more details

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