Happiness News: Security

Honestly, since late December there has been a raw place in the pit of my stomach – a worry gnawing at me – every minute of every day. Every time I left my house I drove past the entrance to the Farm – even when it was out of my way – just to be sure things were as they should be. Every morning when I arrived to feed the animals, I feared that I would find the barn lock broken. I made sure I was never far from my gun. I checked the footage from our security cameras, fearing that I would see a sign of unauthorized entry… and fearing that I wouldn’t see it. I researched various security systems and options.

I have had no lack of peace – I knew God would lead us through any trial the world could throw at us, and I did completely trust His care. But the Book I read reminds me, “in this world you will have trouble.” God promises to guide His children through the troubles that are inevitable in a fallen world; He doesn’t promise to prevent those trials from coming to them. So, right alongside the peace of trusting God to help me through, the gnawing dread of suffering has remained. I have understood, in a small way, Christ’s night of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Alfredo and I finally decided that the wisest course of action was to install a professional security system at Happiness Hills. We met with a service and installation representative from ADT this past Saturday morning at 8:00, and he stayed until 5:00 that evening, installing, checking, and double-checking our system. Alfredo and I can check the status of each area on our phones, which we did multiple times Saturday evening before we went to bed!  Saturday night I slept more deeply than I have in over a month. I can feel a little more tension drain from my body every time I see the words, “Armed Away. All Quiet.” on my screen.

By far the best part of Saturday, though, was the new friend we made in our installer. He loved – I mean, LOVED – Happiness Hills, and was totally committed to helping us keep it secure so we can continue to open our doors to the great people who gather here. He celebrated with us at the progress we’ve made on our new house, and grieved with us over the losses of the past several weeks. He talked about his two precious children – one of whom ended up on speakerphone during the install – and met our two precious children. We talked about plans for getting our families together. He took great pride in his work, and his thoroughness was obvious as he explained to Lydia and Isabel what he was doing with each piece of equipment he installed. I went home at noon and brought back two quarts of our homemade vegetable soup and some leftover lamb chunks, along with some homemade wheat rolls, and we all ate a yummy lunch together (my friends know that I have a compulsion to feed the people around me). It reminded me, again, of how blessed we have been by the people we have met as a result of this trial.

A lot has happened over this past week, including some real progress on our theft cases. That progress has come in large part due to the intelligence and vigilance of a few men we will always regard as heroes and friends. A few of those guys were our friends already; a couple are officers of the law; and one of them is a security system installer.

1) state or feeling of safety: the state or feeling of being safe and protected
2) freedom from worries of loss: the assurance that something of value will not be taken away
3) something giving assurance: something that provides a sense of protection against loss, attack, or harm

Thank you to those of you that have been praying for our family and this situation. And thank you to those of you that have been able to join with us in taking action to move forward in safety, freedom and protection. We hope you’ll never have to face this kind of thing, and that we can return your favors in some more pleasant circumstance, but please know that, in whatever circumstance, we’ll be happy to have your back.


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